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Small Business Saturday

Today, Small Business Saturday, we are grateful for the people who support both of our small businesses. When you buy from a local business, you are supporting your local economy. You're reinvesting your money into your community.

When you buy vegetables from us at the market or on the farm through the CSA, you are supporting a family. Real people. Not share holders, not a corporate bottom line. In our case, the farm has never done much more than pay for itself (and frequently not that!). That's OK. It was and continues to be a labor of love. We love our farm family, and we love growing healthy food that nourishes the bodies and souls of our community. But the truth is, you can't run a business on a passion or a philosophy. While they are what sustains, when things are tough, they are not what fixes the tractor or pays for the help!

When God saw fit to call us to farming (when we were middle aged!), we knew He would provide a way. He has given us grace upon grace through the years and success beyond anything we could imagine. But the success has never been in dollars... just in riches that can't be measured. Wealth counted in friends and supporters and the opportunity to love and steward a small piece of creation. AND now in ever increasing measure, the opportunity to share and teach our passion to a new generation.

We recently converted the farm to a nonprofit, for many reasons, but mainly to take advantage of even more teaching opportunities. My wonderful career in teaching helped to begin and sustain the farm, but now NuSkin continues that job by providing the extra funds to continue the farm's mission. We never dreamed six years ago when we added that stream of income to our lives that it, would literally save the farm. It has. And more. So when you buy a toothpaste, body butter, or a Lumispa, you're not only getting a fabulous product, you're supporting a local business, an environmental treasure, healthy food, and an educational opportunity for the next generation.

So thank you, Nac, and Facebook Land, we (and so many just like us) are here because you really do care. We can't compete with Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger, but we are real people who love and serve real people: YOU.

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Loved your post about the farm and this essential small business. Thanks for all you do!

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