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About Us

We originally felt called to Nacogdoches, TX in 2007 to purchase and run a Bed and Breakfast. But because of an unexpected detour, God had time to direct our attention to farming. During that two-year interim, we were exposed to the serious problem that is industrial agriculture- beginning with but not exclusively through the culture-changing book, Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  We became increasingly convinced that we should become part of the solution.


In 2009, along with Cindy’s parents, 9 acres were purchased in Appleby Community outside of Nacogdoches. We immediately began to farm – very ineptly, but God blessed our intentions and we had a remarkably successful first fall season. We sold fresh organic produce all fall and winter at the farmer’s market. The growing enthusiasm for local, organic food is overwhelming. What was at first simply a desire to follow God’s prompting has now become a sacred trust. We accept the responsibility of feeding as many families who are able financially and/or physically to be a part of the farm and as many as we are able that cannot.

Our Calling

We value our calling. We are called to this endeavor by our heavenly Father and we are therefore confident that no hardship or disappointment will sway us from our calling. We value our precious health – physical, emotional and spiritual – and work to keep it in good balance. We value our relationships with people: family, friends and the community. We believe that it is important to be authentic, honest, and understanding with others and to try to help make a positive difference in this world and that all that we do glorify God and further His kingdom. We value continued growth in all areas of our lives and we will work for justice, equality, environmental protection, 

and a safe, affordable food system. We value the philosophy of letting others live as they will… without fear of persecution or discrimination. We value living modestly. We try to practice wise management of our financial resources and carry little or no debt. We want to make an honest living. We enjoy growing and promoting quality organic vegetable products and providing community to those who may have none. We believe in leaving our environment better than we found it. We strive to be good stewards of the land, to maintain and enhance soil, water, and air quality through sustainable farming practices.

Our philosophy is to imagine the impact seven generations into the future that any business decision we might make will have. We want to make a positive difference in our community and be good role models and mentors for others who may have an interest in sustainable farming. We will support the local economy as much as we can, realizing that this effort, in itself, helps sustain the community.


Our Future Vision

Appleby Community Farm is growing at a sustainable rate. We expect to double our membership each year until we reach our long term goal of 200 member families. Our projections indicate that Cindy will be able to become a full time farmer along with Bryan as well as hire one full time employee.  At that point, we may consider allying with neighboring sustainable producers.


Ultimately we see the farm becoming a “destination” for local families to enjoy the grounds to picnic, fish, or even weed and harvest; for schools to teach about local food production and for other organizations to take advantage of the grounds for events.

Directions to the Farm

Our farm is located on 59 North between 259 and Appleby Sand Road. It’s 1 mile north of the gun store on the same side of the road. Our beautiful new sign should help you find us.  


11825 North SU 59 Nacogdoches TX 75965

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