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The Mysterious Spanish Black Radish

It's been a number of years since we have grown Spanish black radishes, but this latest crop has more than made up for the lapse! Esther and I were excited to discover these slow growers were so big and beautiful today. It was a sweet reward for two frozen farmer gals... They are absolutely gorgeous! We hope you are as excited as we are to try them out - both raw and cooked!

Spanish black radishes have been around according to some sources for thousands of years. Apparently, they were grown and consumed in ancient Egypt for both their culinary and medicinal qualities. (They were considered sacred by the Egyptians!) Speaking of medicinal, black radishes are very high in the phytonutrient glucosinolate, which helps promote a healthy digestion and provides liver detoxification and gallbladder support. And like all antioxidants help protect against cancer.

In the kitchen, we can use black radish like horseradish. It is hot and spicy! In fact, another name for it is the "Parisian Horseradish." Diced it into dips like guacamole, mashed into cream cheese or sour cream, or shredded as a topping for tacos! Or - if hot and spicy isn't your thing, like all root crops, you can roast them! Cooking mellows these bad boys just like their milder cousins, the white and pink radishes. (I can't believe I just called them "bad boys" ... I've been married to Bryan Pruett a LONG time!) Stir fry them into potatoes or eggs. Slice them thinly into soups and stews. If you google recipes, you'll be amazed at the different ways to eat these incredible, healthy treasures!


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