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Let me introduce you....

This is Esther Clark. Born in Vancouver, Washington, she came to us via Thailand, Kentucky, Connecticut, The North Pole (!) and Alaska. She is a very well traveled young lady! And she's only 20! She has three brothers and two sisters. She's in the middle. She is working for us as well as TWO other jobs! So she's a busy gal! Esther loves the outdoors and and while she's not completely sure what she wants to do in life, she KNOWS it won't be an "office job!" One of her three jobs is at Martin Kennels where she is learning dog training! She also stocks shelves at Walmart - at night! That's how she's able to fit us in! We're not sure how she does it all! She's been with us less than a month and she's already made herself indispensable to us. We're grateful to CSA member, Maranatha Clark, her aunt for recommending her to us!


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