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Distribution Tuesday 4 - 6


You SHOULD receive a nearly identical email from me via CONSTANT CONTACT. It will be the last one from them. I am sorry that I have had to generate so many different emails during this transition.

Hopefully, I’ve about got it figured out. You need only be concerned if you received the CONSTANT CONTACT email and not this one. I THINK I have you all on board now. Please tell me!

This week in your share: collards, kale, komatsuna, leeks, onions, peppers (banana and jalapeño) and cucumbers. Make sure you try the Suyo Longs and the Poona Kheeras... Yum!

Loving the komatsuna!

Also, after this week I will be offering the organic chickens to the general public. You must reserve your chicken if you want one or more in August when we process them.

Don’t forget we have organic eggs, pastured eggs, and grass fed beef. And lots of herbs and flowers.

Thanks for your patience!

Cindy 936-645-7201

Appleby Community Farm


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