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Distribution Today!

We’re looking forward to seeing you today between 4-6. This time of year we are always sorry that we do not have an enclosed building from which to distribute. Even in the shade of the shop, it is extremely hot. But we’ll have the fan blowing and maybe something cool to drink!

Your share today is pretty limited: a few rather crispy greens, eggplants, peppers and a few tomatoes. This morning we will assess if there is anything else that we’ve overlooked. The celosia (a gorgeous pink flower) doesn’t appear to care that it’s been almost 100 degrees for two weeks, so I will cut a few for you. It’s WAY too hot to go out there and do it at 4:00!

It’s time to renew for August. We hope that you will cheerfully so do, even though this month maybe the most limited month variety and quantity wise so far this year. As you know a true CSA model is one in which the community supports the farm even when the farm struggles to support the community. We’re confident that you will, and we promise to wow you with abundance in September and October. Speaking of October: PLEASE put our annual Hootenanny on your calendars! October 3rd. The Sawmill Vagrants have agreed to join us again! It will be a fun event!

Many new veggies are already planted and growing in our “air conditioned” potting house. If there’s something you would like us to grow this year, please let us know!

We still have a few broilers unspoken for, we will be processing them this month. You can reserve yours on the website.


Farmer Bryan & Cindy


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