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Thank you to everyone who came to our 12th Annual Hootenanny! And many thanks to all who helped out from beginning to end! Thanks again, David Russell for that incredible brisket, Cindy Grayson for her lovely music, and Barbara Russell for the beautiful flower arrangements. And all who stayed late and put up the tables and chairs! It was so fun and we are excited to welcome new friends and members into our farm family! Please visit the farm's Facebook page for all the pics and add your own!

And a BIG thanks to Sarah Gallander for revamping the website and enabling payment! This will streamline new member sign up as well as help us keep track of our numbers - so we know how many yummy veggies we need to get ready! I am so grateful for Sarah's expertise in this. It is a huge item removed from my "to do" list!

Be sure and click "JOIN THE FARM" to sign up for October! Please give me a call at 936-645-7201 if you have any issues!

Distribution today 4 - 6 See you then!

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Praying that you and yours have a beautiful, safe Christmas! We are looking forward to 2021 with even more excitement than we usually look toward the new year! Lots of new innovations and changes coming to the farm next year!

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There have been a lot of changes and challenges for us at the farm this past year - but no more than that which has beset all of us this last month. We pray that you and yours are keeping well and safe as we navigate these uncharted waters. We are still growing and still sharing our harvest with those who wish to join us. Please call or text Cindy @ 936-645-7201 if you would like to know more about the farm and CSA. We will not be at the farmer’s market for the foreseeable future. You may order veggies and kombucha via Cindy’s cell for now. Gorgeous lettuce and kale among other things available now, plus lots of summer veggies in the ground!

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